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Samples of my recent work on sleep and development in adolescents.

M. Chadiarakos, G. Pavlopoulou, D. Dimitriou (2017) Sleep-dependent memory consolidation in typically developing children and children with autism spectrum disorder. Journal of Sleep Medicine (December 2017) volume 40 p254


Z. Toms, D. Dimitriou, G. Pavlopoulou (2017) The relationship between sleep, social media and well-being of female adolescents. Journal of Sleep Medicine (December 2017) volume 40 p254


G. Pavlopoulou, D. Dimitriou (2017) Poor sleep in children with complex autism is linked to sleep disturbances of their adolescent sisters. Journal of Sleep Medicine (December 2017) volume 40 p254


April 2017

Honoured to give a talk at INSAR, May 2017 San Francisco.

Through Their Eyes: Sisters' Experiences Growing up with a Preverbal Sibling with Autism

INSAR is the biggest International Society for Autism Research, provides scientific collaboration, mentorship, and education to better the lives of the individuals and families living with Autism

February 2017

Happy to receive accreditation from Society of Educational Consultants.

Accreditation status indicates a professional commitment to a high quality service to clients linked to an agreed professional Code of Practice ( CoP 2014).

SEC Quality Assurance also offers quantitative and qualitative verification of the quality of service provided by a consultant against unequivocal clear and transparent professional standards, so participation is mutually beneficial to the consultant and the client. The SEC Quality Assurance Service is designed to be mutually beneficial for both consultant and client. That is one of the ways that I employed in order to enhance the quality of my services.

December 2016

Mental Health staff training in Autism and Sibs Group

Georgia Pavlopoulou delivered a 3 day visit sponsored by the Association of Parents, Guardians and Friends of people with Autism and their families in the South of Greece at Day Care Centred offering specialised services for children and adolescents with Autism (part of NHS) in South Greece.

Agenda included : clinical observations and coaching therapists, modelling of communication and sensory strategies and personal development goals for members of staff. It was wonderful to see great teamwork and dedication.

Challenging Bxs in Autism -AT Autism

It was a great pleasure to meet wonderful team there and support them in the organisation of their event. Great speakers, outstanding Joe Powell talking on the real trial of impairments in autism and the perspective taking in day care and schools... who is challenging who? It reminded me of the need for a double empathy system in which neurotypicals should and could also raise their empathy levels towards autism .

November 2016

My talk at NAS school

Georgia Pavlopoulou was invited for a talk at one of NAS biggest schools; Sibyl Elgar.

Georgia supported <Parents in Partnership> event by giving a talk on siblings' experiences growing up with a brother or sister with Autism. Members of staff and parents engaged in a conversation around quality of life issues and raising awareness in schools on siblings' needs.

October 2016

Sleep in Developmental Disorders Symposium

Georgia Pavlopoulou had the pleasure to meet the Key presenters at ''Sleep in Developmental Disorders '' Symposium, Anatomy Building at UCL. Very interesting discussions around syndrome-specific educational strategies to integrate sleep, time-course & time of day to optimize children’s learning took place @LILAS_Lab post symposium dinner.

Georgia was in particular interested on Dr. Anna Joyce's talk. Anna is the theme leader for the Sleep research group within the Brain, Belief and Behaviour lab at Coventry University. Her research is planned to investigate the effects of sleep on cognitive functioning and behaviour in children with neurodevelopmental disorders; sleep and cognition in school aged children, and the effects of sleep disturbance in students.

Overall a great evening. Sleep is always there to help (behaviour, learning, memory, mental health), hence important to know more about how it works for families caring for a child with a neurodevelopmental condition.

September 2016

My talk at Autism -Europe Congress

Georgia Pavlopoulou presented her PhD research at the Autism-Europe Congress in Edinburgh. The conference attracted over 1,700 professionals, self-advocates, parents and carers. The motto for the conference was "Happy, Healthy, Empowered".

Georgia emphasised on the importance of inducting reasoning in research and writing as a caring act to promote the agenda of families who use current ASD services. She also proposed new ways of how to think of siblings' needs and to engage them proactively inour clinical planning.

May 2016 :

My talk at the International Conference of the Association of Psychology and Psychiatry for Adults and Children (A.P.P.A.C.) in Athens, Greece.

Georgia Pavlopoulou presented her work on siblings' experiences in families with Autism at the International Conference of the Association of Psychology and Psychiatry for Adults and Children (A.P.P.A.C.) in Athens, Greece.

In the conversation that followed the presentation an emphasis was placed on: the need to do more participatory research including different voices and voices that have been traditionally neglected from research; and our clinical planning as a way to empower all family members.

The latter could be approached by validating family members' experiences and also planning for overcoming experiences that remain to be struggle for children and families living with Autism, for example sleep, school, and respite time.