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Neurodiversity is the diversity of human brains and minds – the infinite variation in neurocognitive functioning within our species. Neurodiversity is a biological fact, a natural and valuable form of human being.

Diversity, when embraced, acts as a source of creative potential.

I am an Accredited Educational Consultant and Neurodevelopmental Specialist and a passionate advocate of neurodiversity.

I use acceptance and strength-based practices, contextual behavioural and existential coaching to help families and services to embrace autistic people across the lifespan. I employ a number of creative, person-centred strategies to accommodate the needs of autistic people and to empower them to live with awareness, love and courage in order to reach their maximum potential.

See below for an overview of my services.

Consultation for learning or experienced healthcare and educational professionals

I am here to help you uncover abilities in order to change possibilities for you and your clients through connecting with them in respectful and effective ways.

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Awareness, acceptance, growth, perspective taking and psycho-education

1-1 or in groups

I am currently using existential/ behavioural and Acceptance and Commitment Therapy principles (under supervision) in my coaching/training sessions with children, teens and their families in order to promote psychological flexibility, acceptance and help them realise their potential.

I help parents to value the neurodiversity of their child and work with them in communication, sensory and behaviour management.  

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Special rates and specific pro bonus services to communities and organisations who promote inclusion and diversity

I am happy to offer my services in special rates or free for organisations or groups all around Europe whose activities are underpinned by the values of inclusion and equality as part of my commitment to contribute to the community and to promote values to support a humanising model of health care. 

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